A village council has been discussing for years whether to charge a minimal entrance fee for increasing numbers of tourist . The pros is that this income can be directly used to protect environment which becomes fragile under the overflowing visitors. However, the cons is the risk of discouraging people coming who could generate pull through revenue by purchasing fairly good amount of local specialty. Decision is not yet made, thus this time it continues to be a free trip.

By the way, the name of this village is Zaanse Schans,  40 mins drive from Amsterdam.

It is best aware for its collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. It also sells local handcrafted wooden clog shoes, chocolate, cheese, and barrels.

We all know that windmill is the iconic landmark of Netherlands. Windmill is used to mill grain or pump water or both.

We shall never underestimate the talent and wisdom of local inhabitants in centuries ago. Now it seems everything remains in the same way. The river silently passes through the bank of the village which hogs the people all over the world.

The windmills are still whirling. The cows are leisurely chewing grass. Maybe issuing tickets shall not be put on the table again which might destroy such lasting harmony between the land and everything lives on it.

It’s first time for me to see such giants in a close distance. Fabulous!

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