Some people in this world are doomed to suffer more difficulties than others, especially for Vincent van Gogh. Maybe the word “difficulties” is not the proper one to exhaust all the unfairness, indignity, poverty, indifference, loneliness he experienced during his 37-year short life, while  all adversities didn’t prevent him creating large numbers of marvelous art pieces with the most famous one as “The Starry Night” and ” Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers”. Eventually I got a chance to see the “Sunflowers” exhibited in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

I’m not an artist, thus I don’t want to pretend how I was deeply impressed by the color, layout, skills, style and all other the elements he poured into the drawing far beyond his times.  However, I made several stops on his letters, the places he lived, belongings and family to see through his world as a normal person.

Every individual inherently wishes to be listened, cared and respected, whatever a genius he/she is.   Unfortunately, too less were given to Vogh from the people around him. Even he didn’t meet anyone who can appreciate his arts only after he passed away.

In our contemporary world,  Internet can group the people with the same interest and enable them to share, communicate, encourage each other. The people with special talent (e.g. Network writer, gamer…) can also find their place to gain the respect. More to come …

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