Lowland countries are considered the most ideal destination for vacation if you want to visit Europe during summer, and that’s where my family had headed out to this year.

What we usually call the “Low Countries” are the coastal region of north-western Europe, consisting of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Geographically, these Lowland countries are located by the west of Germany and on the northern side of France.

These Low countries are on average either below sea level or just slightly above it. In contrast, Scotland is the only Highland countries in Europe for its mountainous region in the North.

Our trip started from Singapore, on a KLM flight directly to Amsterdam,  transiting to Utrecht, follow by self driving through Hague,  Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp,  Brussels, and Luxembourg as last stop.

It was a long and wonderful experience, and this article is where our 14 days expedition begins.

More to come …

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