Half of Netherlands is below North Sea level , thus Dutch in generations have been building dams and enclosing sea area to set up lands.

In past centuries,  Dutch have successfully asked more lands from the sea, which is around 15% of current national territorial area,  and provide more living space to the citizens.  From this sense, Singapore is doing in the same way.

Amsterdam owns 160 big or small canals, over 10,000 bridges and close to 100 small islands. Therefore, taking a city tour through electric boat is one of the ideal ways to visit this city. It offers different languages to manifest the landmarks, stories, celebrities and history when you pass through one important spot.

Something impressed me during the tour are: (1) luxurious canal apartment and gable facade; (2) Unique houseboats as floating apartment; (3) NEMO Science Museum designed in a way like a giant Ocean ship. 45 mins tour ended with leaving me a city memory in combining of history and modern,  hasting and relaxing, fading and booming. More to come …

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