I don’t remember how many times I have ride my bike around Taiwan, but I always know that this is the happiness moment of my life.

Country life style in the west coast, beautiful sea in the east coast, great central mountain in the middle, friendly people, fresh air, wonderful scenery, night markets and tasty local street food everywhere, and these all can be done in 2 days (48 hours, 1000+km) just by a bike🏍 .

Actually, I have been riding around it over 10 times in 24 hours by bike 🏍, it not only a challenge but also my favorite, where I can throw annoys away and refresh my mind.

Drive moves your body, but riding move your soul! Don’t believe it, try it!

Relive ’22H爆累環島試車’

Check out my route and welcome to ride with me and explore more of Taiwan!

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