As you go through your daily routine such as snoozing your smartphone when you used that as an alarm; using your Apple Home to turn on and off the lighting and heater as you prepared to go to work; using your mobile app to “Grab” a car ride; have anyone of us even stopped to think where all these data and information are going?

We live in a  world where we are so interconnected digitally and never have we been more exposed to people that we do not know. Sharing information too freely than we think we should?

I am a heavy user of the internet and have over 100 different accounts in various site. I do think about all these things on a day to day basis. More often then not, I worry of these things as I know that the bad guys are always a step ahead.

However in this era of digitization and our live becomes heavily entwined in the internet and mobile space. It is hard for us to go back in time and enjoy the slower pace and even write a nice “snail” letter on paper. And sometime, as a proud parent, we want to share our kids achievement in getting that special award in “XYZ” school. But think about it, isn’t it good enough to share it just with our friends and family than posting it up publicly where everyone can see.

Anyway, it is never too late to always remember a few key points. Make sure simple things are taken into consideration before sharing a piece of information. If you don’t want a stranger to know the information, take for example your kids school, don’t share it publicly, so that you don’t put them at risk. Just some “fruits for thoughts” to those of the ‘new age Netizen’.

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