It is probably one of the most commonly asked questions from bloggers, and more importantly, to those soon to be bloggers, the most frustrating moment.

What should I blog about?

It may be obvious to some of you that I am new to this myself. My name is Calvin Sun, and I am not ashamed to admit that this is my first blog. I am new to blogging, and writing a blog is overwhelming, at the same time intimidating for me.

Like many others, I have the perception that one needs to be a great writer to be successful, everything has to be flawless. However, after reading tons of articles from the most remarkable bloggers from all over the world recently, I learnt that a successful blog can be simple.

Blogging doesn’t have to be profound, and there is absolutely nothing wrong being informal and conversational. There is really no “science” behind blogging, and readers are not interested in something they can get from the encyclopedia. Just like many other things we do in our lives, the key here is passion,. Your passion about a topic, the eagerness to share about your personal experience, your perspectives and your views. That’s what I think many readers out there are “Googling” for.

If this is also your first blog, here are some topics you may want to consider.

Personal Blogs

Come to think of it, do we need to be a celebrity to start our personal blog? Think again, celebrities themselves are already famous, their lives are already swamped by tons of media publicity, do they really need more attention than what they already have?

Contrarily, maybe it’s people like you and I, who need that attention, seek that audience, and want that popularity more than anyone in the world. We constantly “share” our daily lives on social media such as Facebook and Instagram; we “tweet” and “comment” so that our voices gets heard; we raced to be the first to “post” something intellectual so that we can boost our professional identity.

Bottom line here is, all of us “blog”, one way or another, and we do that unconsciously.

So, honestly we do not have to shy away from it.

In reality, a personal blog is like our life journal. Whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly, the objective is to make your readers feel connected to you. Keep it fun and personable. Let your readers know who you really are and let that authenticity connect you with all the like-minded individuals from across the world.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are becoming popular. Thanks to cheap air tickets and accommodation these days, people are traveling more than ever.

Much like you and I, there are tons of readers out there constantly searching for their next holiday destination; for travel tips, advice, and guides about a destination they have never been to.

If you are a frequent traveler, it’s really a “no-brainer” to start sharing some interesting destinations, expeditions, encounters and highlights on a regular basis to increase your popularity.

It may be that you have recently returned home from a holiday trip, or planning for a backpacking trip to somewhere exotic. Topics such as how you choose for your travel route, to how you find your stay, to how you plan and save for your budget, or perhaps ways to grab great travel deals are certainly of interest to many readers.

If this is your first blog, you may also consider sharing with your readers who you are and why you choose travel blogs.PS: don’t forget to attach some of those fabulous photos you took with that few thousand dollars camera.

Food Blogs

This may sound like the silliest thing to write about but indeed food blog is another popular one. Ever struggle with “what to cook for lunch?”  or “what’s for dinner?” Yes, same goes for your readers.

Similar to travel blogs, food blogs has an incredibly broad category; and many a time, it’s difficult to strike a balance to find a niche. If your passion is into culinary, you should consider topics such as your very own secret recipes and ingredients. If you are simply a food lover, you can consider listing your ultimate foodie bucket list, why and where to find the best.

Otherwise, your journey as a new food blogger can start as simple as a local restaurant reviewer. As your target audience grows, so will your interest. And when that happens, you can start covering other food related topics such as healthy eating, fine dining, and other food related stories to increase your portfolio.

In summary

Figuring out a topic to blog is probably just the tip of an iceberg, there are still a lot of preparation work behind the scene. While being a travel blogger seems like a dream job for most people, it take more than just a laptop, a camera and an air ticket.

You need to be prepared to acquire your own domain name, a web hosting service and perhaps learn some new software to get started. And when you are finally there, you need to figure out on how to monetize these efforts.

In aBloga, we want your effort, your focus, your passion to be on your blogs; while we put ours on monetizing them for you.

We want you to be inspired, be consistent and be daring to dream big. We want you to enjoy this journey, be proud in what you do, and slowly build your popularity by sharing on your social media channels,

Once you have built up that minimum viable popularity, I am sure much bigger opportunities will come your way.

Happy blogging everyone!

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