God created us equal, but our world had not kept it that way. Money, Power and Greed had changed us all, maybe not all, but most of us. We have become more practical and less compassion; even when we say we care, we only care about our own needs and feelings.

My name is Calvin Sun, and I hope to inspire you with my story below.

Why I started aBloga?

Sometime ago, I received a Whatsapp message from a friend that the husband of our common friend from Japan has pass on. More depressingly, the only thing he had left for her, is their 11 years old son, who is studying in an International School abroad. They were living in a rented condominium and their son’s education is in financial crisis.

Not long after, I received another news about a friend from India that he and his wife (married for 3 years) have decided to live apart (12 hours commute) in a different city due to financial needs and job opportunities. Later that I found out that their relationship has thereafter fallen apart and worsen.

And finally, my foreign domestic helper from Philippines have decided that it’s time for her to return back to home town. It was probably the toughest decision for her to make, between her unwell mother and my family because we have bonded extremely well over the years. And of course, she needed this income to support her family back home.

Out of a sudden, I felt that “money is so evil”. It is the evil of all devil that drove people to give up their education, relationship and their love ones for it. I came from a very poor family myself (by the way, I am not wealthy now either), and these series of events kind of resemblance my pain and misery during my childhood.

I started asking myself, “what can I do to help my friends? and maybe a dozen more people in the same situation?” And this is where I started my journey with aBloga …

The rich versus the poor

It’s more than just figures in a bank account, rather it’s the difference between how both sees the world, thinks and acts, achieving their goals, handle life’s challenges and dealing with fear. I was there, and I could totally understand why. Those rough days are over for me, and thanks to what I have been through, I have learnt many things in my life.

Just to share a few examples that feels really close to my heart even after so many years.

• Rich man wants their money to work hard for them, whereas poor man wants to work hard for their money.

I remembered those days when I was working a young working adult. Working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to earn enough for me to attend a 3 hours evening class (6 days a week) to fulfill my MBA dreams. The commute each way took me at least 1.5 hours everyday. Even so, I kept asking myself, how can make use of the remaining 6 hours to work and make more money rather than sleeping!

• Rich man plays the money game to win, whereas poor man plays the money game not to lose.

I regretted many things in my life for sure, not so much for the things that I have done, but for the things that I have not. And one of them of them is not having enough courage to try. I tend to focus on obstacles and risks so much that even though deep in my heart I knew that the reward at the end of the journey, is going to be much bigger and longer term than the effort put in, I either sit on it or gave up the thought altogether!

• Rich man believes in themselves at everything they do, whereas poor man believes they are inferior and unworthy for most things.

If someone were to ask me to blog 10 years ago, I will tell them that it is not my “game”. I will think that blogging are for the rich who “brags” about themselves, their knowledge and their achievements, just to get more attention and popularity online. “I probably have more important things to do in my life, like working harder so that I can bring back home more money for my family.”

I remember surrounded by friends who only wear the most expensive brands and use the latest gadgets during school days. Those are the ones who talk louder than others; always confident and in control; always the center of attraction. They always make me feel inferior, unworthy, and to be honest, I hate hanging around them because other friends among us only listen to them.

If you ask me now, I will probably laugh about my childishness and jealousy back then. Honestly, do we need to be wealthy to have real friends? Do we need to be superior than others to express ourselves? Do we need to be powerful before we can do something different about our lives?

Besides anything money can buy, there is really nothing stopping us from doing all those things the rich do; blogging is one of them. Ask yourself this question: “Will you be hesitant to post something about or around you on Facebook or Instagram? If you are not, what makes blogging so different?

Here’s why you should start blogging too

Blogging is just another way of expressing ourselves. Whether it’s in a form of pictures or words, there is always a story behind what we post on social media. We either want our friends to “like” them, comment on them, or share them.

In short, we want audiences and followers. What is probably different from blogging on aBloga, versus randomly posting on social media is that, beside getting those likes and followers, there is a chance for you monetize them.

If you see this as an opportunity, and I hope you do, focus on rewards and not the obstacles. Start thinking like a rich man for once; take responsibility for the results in your life and act upon it.

Whether you are sharing your life story as a single mum raising 3 children; or how you maintain a long-distance relationship; or working aboard to support the family back home; there will be audiences. Every article has a story, and every story has a message, and every message will inspire somebody.

Key takeaways

aBloga is free and will always be. We are neither charging any membership fee, nor are we benefiting from the earnings made on your article. By blogging with us, you are not just making earnings off your own article, but also on articles written by the friends you have invited to aBloga. It is not how poor or rich we are to determine what we can do, it is us, our fear and our reluctant to make changes, that kept us where we are today.

So please start thinking about it now, “is blogging only for the rich, or can the poor do the same?”

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Thank you once again and happy blogging as always!

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